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NattoPine contains nattokinase from non-GMO (genetically modified organism), fermented soybeans. Research shows this nutrient helps promote and maintain healthy blood clotting. It also contains powerful antioxidants from pine bark extract to protect blood vessels from damaging free radicals.

Blood clots account for 80% of strokes because they impede circulation of blood and nutrients to the brain anywhere in the body where they might become a problem. Blood clots in the back of the legs are called deep vein thrombosis and can be extremely painful. If the blood clots dislodge and begin circulating through the blood stream, they can travel to the lungs. If that happens it's called a pulmonary embolus.

Healthy blood clotting is crucial to maintaining a healthy circulatory system. Conditions that increase your risk for dangerous blood clots include smoking, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, obesity, family history of blood clots, cardiovascular disease, cancer and flying on airplanes. With respect to flying, the ingredients in NattoPine were shown in a clinical trial to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis by and leg swelling. In the clinical trial, 7.6% of people not taking the nattokinase and pine bark extract combination experienced a deep vein thrombosis versus none of those taking the dietary supplement. In other words, blood clots were prevented in 100% of people taking NattoPine’s formula. And compared to those not taking the nutrients, people taking nattokinase and pine bark extract had a 27% decrease in risk of leg swelling (edema).

NattoPine contains nattokinase from fermented soybeans. Studies show this nutrient reduces risk for blood clots, dissolves blood clots and may help decrease blood pressure. It also contains powerful antioxidants from pine bark extract.

At 3650 fibrinolytic units per serving, the nattokinase in NattoPine is the strongest formula available. And the 300 mg of pine bark extract in NattoPine provides additional antioxidant support and cardiovascular benefits.4

60 capsules per bottle, a 30-day supply


Read the research supporting NattoPine's formula.

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