(**Pre Order**) Fracture-Proof Your Bones: A comprehensive guide to osteoporosis - NBI
(**Pre Order**) Fracture-Proof Your Bones: A comprehensive guide to osteoporosis - NBI

(**Pre Order**) Fracture-Proof Your Bones: A comprehensive guide to osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is a global epidemic that steals years from people's lives and upends their finances. A woman is just as likely to get an osteoporosis fracture as she is to get breast, uterine and ovarian cancer, and every three seconds someone with osteoporosis breaks a bone. People spend more time in a hospital because of osteoporosis than for diabetes, heart attacks and breast cancer.

But the conventional approach to osteoporosis is woefully inadequate. It focuses almost exclusively on improving bone density, even though a bone density test only predicts 44% of women and 21% of men who will break a bone. It doesn't have to be this way. This book will teach you:

  • How to EVALUATE your medications to see if they're destroying your bones and increasing your fracture risk.
  • How to TALK to your doctor about osteoporosis drugs to make sure you're getting the best possible care.
  • How to MAINTAIN STRONG BONES with an integrative approach that includes diet, sleep, lifestyle changes, exercise and dietary supplements.

Praise for Fracture-Proof Your Bones

"This book should be required reading for all medical professionals and patients as a guidebook for dealing with an osteoporosis diagnosis. Dr. Neustadt writes with compassion and clarity in a compelling way that instructs and empowers the reader. The number is growing quickly and the holistic options he delivers are invaluable.” - Penelope Wasserman, Founder of Million Dollar Bones

About the Author
Dr. John Neustadt has spent nearly two decades as a clinician, researcher, writer and entrepreneur. He's on the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Foundation (BHOF) Corporate Advisor Roundtable and has been recognized as one of the top ten cited authors in the world for his work. Dr. Neustadt lectures on osteoporosis and other topics at medical conferences and was awarded more than a dozen US FDA Orphan Drug Designations for the potential use of natural products to treat rare diseases. Patients and clients around the world have improved their bone health and reduced their fracture risk with his integrative and practical approach.

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