Blood Glucose (Sugar) - NBI
Blood Glucose (Sugar) - NBI

Blood Glucose (Sugar)

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The fasting blood sugar test, also called a fasting blood glucose test, provides information about how well your body is processing sugar. The fasting blood glucose test is part of routine, annual blood testing to screen for healthy blood sugar control. Elevated glucose can indicate insulin resistance or diabetes.

Elevated fasting blood glucose is a marker for insulin resistance and diabetes and has been associated with causing nerve damage (neuropathy), eye problems, heart disease, dementia and stroke.

What’s Reported
  • Blood glucose, serum

Methodology: Spectrophotometry (SP)

How to prepare

Fasting: Yes. Fast for 10-12 hours.

Water: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

Medications: Take all medications as prescribed.

Dietary supplements: Do not take dietary supplements before taking this test.

How long until you get the results

1-2 business days
Result turnaround times are estimates and not guaranteed. Due to factors outside of our control, such as weather, holidays, confirmation/repeat testing or equipment maintenance, our lab may require additional time to complete tests.

More about this test

Glucose is the main energy source for cells in the body. Keeping your blood sugar in the healthy range is important. Elevated blood sugar causes diabetes and has been associated with increased risk for heart attacks and dementia. The amount of glucose in your blood is controlled by two hormones, insulin and glucagon. When blood sugar is too high, your pancreas releases insulin, which removes glucose from the blood by pushing it into your cells. When blood sugar is too low, glucagon is secreted, which releases stored sugars into the blood stream so cells can use it to create cellular energy. 

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